1. Olaoluwa Ife-Iji
Name Description ScreenShot/Link
Capstone Project: Resource Management Tool(Wicrosoft)
  1. Tool to manage the employees, projects, skills and managers of every employee in an organization.
  2. My role(along with two of my teammates) were responsible for the Front end Design of the page.
  3. I also worked on filling the Database with one other teammate.
  4. The Techstack used in the Project was Django, The Database was a MySQl Database and the Frontend design was done mostly with the Bootstrap 5 Toolkit
Screenshot of Wicrosoft Build
Arcana(Game Design)
  1. Fantasy Dungeon crawler where you solve puzzles to beat the dungeon.
  2. My Roles in this were the sound design, some puzzle implementation, collectible designand physics, spell animations, skybox implementation, particle system design, Layer, collider and tag setup.
  3. The Game was designed in Unity, Github was used for version control
Screenshot of Arcana
Portfolio Website
  1. Portfolio Website built with HTML, CSS and Vanilla JS
  2. Github Was used for Version Control
Screenshot of Portfolio Landing page